Our Research Unit

The Research Unit of the Department of Anaesthesia, Perioperative and Pain Medicine is actively recruiting to a number of major international and national clinical trials. We collaborate with Deakin University, Monash University, the Florey institute and the Austin Hospital to lead local investigator-initiated interventional trials, along with prospective clinical outcome monitoring and audits of perioperative mortality and morbidity.  Areas of research include post-operative cognitive decline, antiemetic therapy, regional anaesthesia and analgesia, and surgical outcomes for hepatobiliary, vascular and colorectal surgery.  


Our multicentre trial research encompasses diverse fields, including transfusion management in cardiac surgery, wound infections and diabetes management in bowel surgery, morbidity and mortality associated with depth of anaesthesia monitoring, and fluid therapy in major abdominal surgery. The Anaesthetics team have an ongoing interest in performance monitoring, healthcare quality and safety and aspects of medical ethics to ensure patients receive the most appropriate care and have the best outcomes before, during and after surgery. Our research team comprises Specialist Anaesthetists, three Research Nurses, Research Fellow and one PhD student.

Meet Our Team!

Dr Andrew Marriott


Staff Specialist Anaesthetist at University Hospital Geelong.  Dr Marriott is the Research Unit Coordinator for the Department of Anaesthesia, Perioperative Medicine & Pain Management, Barwon Health.  Andrew is also the Senior Lecturer and Anaesthesia Convenor for Deakin University School of Medicine.

Dr Andrew Iliov


Staff Specialist Anaesthetist at University Hospital Geelong. Dr Iliov is the Principle Investigator of the PADDI (Perioperative Administration of Dexamethasone and Infection) Trial and Chewy Trial at Barwon Health. Andrew has a special interest in hospital environmental sustainability. 

Dr Claire Furyk

Staff Specialist Anaesthetist at University Hospital Geelong. Dr Furyk is the Priniciple Investigator of the ROCKet (Reduction of Chronic Pain with Ketamine) Trial. Claire has a special interest in quality improvement within the anaesthetic department.

Dr Ross Mackenzie

Staff Specialist Anaesthetist at University Hospital Geelong. Dr McKenzie is the Principle Investigator of the ITACS (IV Iron for Treatment of Anaemia before Cardiac Surgery) Trial. Ross is an expert in Cardiac Anaesthesia. 

Ms Rachel Fiddes
BN PgCert 

Clinical trials coordinator within the Department of Anaesthesia Perioperative Medicine & Pain Management at University Hospital Geelong (UHG). Rachel also works as an Anaesthetic Nurse within UHG's main theatre department. Rachel has completed a post graduate certificate in anaesthetics and recovery nursing, and is currently completing a Masters of Public Health at Deakin University. Rachel is the lead clinical trial coordinator of the ITACS, ROCKET and CHEWY trials.

Dr Melissa Formica

PhD (Exercise & Nutrition Science)

Deakin University (2014-2018)

Dr Melissa Formica completed her Bachelor of Psychology with First Class Honours and then went on to complete PhD under the supervision of Professor Rob Daly. Melissa was the Research Fellow for Department of Anaesthesia, Perioperative Medicine & Pain Management and is now the lead Coordinator of the PANACEA and PADDI trials. Her main interest is the prevention of cognitive decline through lifestyle intervention.

Mr David Skvarc

PhD (Neuropsychology)

Deakin University (2013-2018)

Mr David Skvarc is completing his PhD with School of Psychology, Deakin University and has a research interest in mental health and cognitive function, particularly in the area of neurodegenerative disease and the resilience of the elderly.

Former team members

Ms Kim Murray BN

Dr Eileen Moore BSc PhD Cert DS Mgmt 

Ms Kathryn Ives BN MClinResMth 

Ms Claire Pollock RN





Ms Rachel Fiddes

Pg Certificate Anaesthetic and Recovery Nursing UTAS (2019)

MPH Deakin University (current student)

Dr Melissa Formica

PhD (by research) Deakin University (2018)

Mr Dave Skvarc

PhD (by research) Deakin University (2018)

Mr Jhordaine Charlton

Masters Deakin University (2017)


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